About me

Hi, I'm Matt. I've loved technology, especially computers, as long as I can remember. My first programming language was QBASIC, and some days I miss the simplicity. Now I'm mostly working in Python and C# with a side of Javascript. Mostly I like building things that solve problems and that people love.

I have an amazing wife and a beautiful daughter. I'm based outside Seattle, Washington, though I'm originally from Tennessee. I earned a bachelor's and master's in computer science at Virginia Tech. I'm available for technology and product consulting — how can I help your business better achieve its goals? Get in touch if you have feedback about the blog or a project in mind.

My daughter and me

About the blog

Why "Computer Science + Beer"? That's pretty simple: You should write about what you know, and those are what I know. I have a couple of degrees in computer science and I taught CS to high schoolers for a year, so I'm probably qualified to talk about it here. In 2010 I earned the BJCP's Certified Beer Judge rank, and I drink a lot of beer, so I'm probably qualified to talk about that, too.

Why "vtbassmatt.com"? History. I was at Virginia Tech — VT — and needed a new screen name for various sites. At the time, I was learning to play the electric bass, and "vtbassmatt" just looked right to me. Now it's my screen name almost everywhere, so it's rather challenging to change.